Sharing Resources with One Another

Sharing Resources with One Another

Currently, a selection of resources the CMM Institute provides is made available to the general public and can be accessed using the options in the upper left under In This Section.    As users become Associates, a broader array of resources are unlocked and made available to Associates.  

To see the complete list of resources available, Associates must be logged in.

Associates are invited to share resources others in the CMM Community might want to use.    Associates have access to a submenu under the Main menu (when they are logged in).   Options Associates have include:

  1. Add Blog Post:   Associates are invited to share ideas through the CMM Institute Blog.    In the posting you can add images and/or embed videos from sites like YouTube.
  2. Add Event:  Associates can post information about any upcoming events -- webinars, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. that may be of interest to others in the CMM community.
  3. Add File:  Choose this option if you would like to share a file with the community.  Examples of kinds of files that may be of interest include articles, slide presentations, workshop agendas, training tools, etc.  This is reserved for non-media type files.
  4. Add Video:  Associates can also share videos by either uploading a video file or providing the url from popular services like YouTube, Ted, Vimeo, etc.
  5. Add Images:  Eventually the opportunity to will be provided here to share favorite photos from events as well as graphic image files relating to CMM tools  that others may find useful.
  6. My Profile:  Choose this option to upload or update profile picture and provide brief bio and contact information.

If you have a blog post or resources you would like to make available but are not clear how to do this yourself, please feel free to send the resource information to us through our webmaster and we will be glad to post it.   Please be sure to send clear text describing the resource along with any image  or document files to be included. 

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