CMM Focus on Practice

CMM Focus on Practice

CMM Institute Practice Liaison

The CMM Institute has designated a Practice Liaison to support the next generation of CMM-based practitioners across fields such as organization development, change management, conflict resolution, counseling and therapy, community development, international development, spiritual practice, executive and life coaching, education, and more.

Role of the CMM Institute’s Practice Liaison
The CMM Institute’s practice liaison is an associate/board member who assumes responsibility for coordinating a range of activities that are largely field-based in nature. Please feel free to contact the practice liaison with any inquiries based upon the following criteria:

  • Learning about existing projects that take CMM from theory to practice;
  • Connecting with other practitioners who can share their experience and provide mentoring;
  • Coordinating with the Institute’s on-going efforts to recognize, promote, and support the application and practice of CMM in the world; and
  • Exploring possible partnerships with the Institute to bring CMM-based practice to your field of endeavor or region of the world.

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