CMM Around the World

CMM Around the World

We believe in the transformational power of communication to shape the world in which we live. From individual relationships, to governing institutions, taking a communication perspective can be a starting framework for dynamic change. The CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution supports five priority areas that represent this capacity for positive change:

Intellectual Leadership;

  • Sponsored Activities In Research, Theory-Development, and Education;
  • The Development and Implementation Of Demonstration Projects;
  • Worldwide Networking and Information Sharing; and
  • Fresh Insights about CMM’s Capacity to Overcome Contemporary Social Issues.

2012-2013 Global Survey & Map of CMM Around the World



We are pleased to present the results of the inaugural  survey on CMM research and practice. The Global Survey Project was sponsored by the CMM Institute for Personal & Social Evolution whose mission is to preserve, cultivate, and promote worldwide work based on the theory and practice of CMM, the Coordinated Management of Meaning.

One of the ways we advance the mission of the Institute is to cultivate worldwide networking and information sharing. The goal of the survey was to create a platform for educating and connecting individuals who otherwise may not have the opportunity to learn from diverse forms of research and practice.

In total, 74 individuals – representing five continents – responded to the survey. This survey report was created by Jesse Sostrin, PhD and Eerika Hedman.

Download the Survey Report here.

All survey respondents who elected to share their contact information have been added to the interactive map, which facilitates  connections around the world. Stay tuned for information about how you can be added to the map and/or update your information.

Check out the Interactive Map of CMM around the world.

This map will be updated in early 2013 to include CMM Institutions of Higher Education and CMM Projects around the world.

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