Fellows Program

Fellows Program

About the Fellows Program

One of the Institute’s current priorities is to promote research and interventions on selected topics that take a “communication perspective” and contribute to the common good. By “taking a communication perspective,” we mean projects that treat communication as substantive (an object in itself, not just a means of transmitting information about other things) and constitutive (its characteristics generate the social worlds in which we live).  The Fellows Program is a joint partnership among the Waterhouse Family Institute at Villanova University, Fielding Graduate University’s Institute for Social Innovation, and the CMM Institute.

What is a Fellow?

A Fellow is a distinguished scholar and/or practitioner who is recognized for 1) demonstrating a unique understanding of what it means to take and apply a “communication perspective” and 2) finding creative and impactful ways of using a “communication perspective” to address real-world challenges. Each prospective Fellow accepts the responsibility of addressing a challenge in the designated topic/theme for the year.

Application Process

Your desire to become a Fellow is formalized by submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) form to the CMM Institute in the late Fall of each year.  The letter should include a 3-page single spaced description of your proposed project, your rationale for this project, your methodology and the anticipated outcomes. The LOI can be downloaded on the CMM Institute’s website.

If you are invited to become a Fellow we will inform you during the first week of each year.  The Fellows will be asked to present their work during the second half of the year (location and date to be determined from year to year).

Each Fellow will receive a cash award and have their work featured in the newsletters, websites, and other publications of the collaborating Institutes.

For more information, contact Kim Pearce at kimpearce@aol.com

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