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CosmoKidz Products

CosmoKidz activity set  

The set includes 31 topic cards with illustrations and questions to help children become more aware of healthy and productive ways of acting into their social worlds; 31 supplemental activity sheets; a one-page short version of the User’s Guide; and, an 11 page User’s Guide that describes the theory and thinking behind CosmoKidz and ways that adults can effectively use the cards.

Price:  $35.00 for each set.  Add $15.00 for shipping and handling


One way of approaching the topics in CosmoKidz is through the use of puppets.  We have developed male and female puppets and we are calling them Zed and Klara.  Each puppet has a sad face with tears on one side and a smiley and happy face on the other.   The puppets can be used to help children name the emotions that they experience when, for example, they are being teased or when they are helping someone feel better when that person has been teased.

Each puppet is different in skin tone and hair color and style.
Some of the puppets are hand-made by members of the non-profit refugee network in Tucson, Arizona called Iskashitta.  Iskashitta is a word in Somali that means, “working cooperatively together.” Others are made by Roman (“the travelling”) people that normally beg on the streets in Norway. When you purchase a puppet, you are also helping refugees use skills from their native country to live successfully in the United States, or take on paid work to support their families in their own country (Romania).

Price:  $20.00 for one puppet.  $40.00 for two puppets (male and female).  Add $15.00 for shipping and handling.

Bundled CosmoKidz activity set and puppet(s):  If you purchase CosmoKidz and the puppets together there will only be one $15.00 fee for shipping and handling.

SOAR song:  The CosmoKidz activity set includes the acronym SOAR.  SOAR stands for:  Sense what’s around you; Open your hands to help others; Act with kindness; Respect other people.  SOAR is a way to help reinforce the kinds of behaviors we want children to develop.  

You can download the SOAR song free.  Download here

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