Ideas for Using CosmoKidz

Ideas for Using CosmoKidz

The CosmoKidz activity set is designed to be user friendly. Feedback so far is, “It is! And it works!”

The box contains a short guide, as well as a more extensive introductory guide. The introductory guide suggests different ways to use the cards, depending on how much time you have available.  Here is a brief overview:

To use, you start with the Illustration page to guide the children into talking about the subject (Topic). The flip-side contains supporting questions. Each set of questions starts from the children’s’ own experience (Imagine). You are guided through reflections on what this situation feels like, and how it affects you and your relationships with other people (Ask). Through the reflections the children are supported in realizing why it matters that they act into a situation in a productive way. Finally, through the Act section you find two different creative activities that are designed to integrate their brain and body with what you just talked about. You can play it with just one child at the time, or with a group of children.

CosmoKidz also works through an acronym. SOAR was created to remind the children (and adults alike) of what we are practicing:

S: Sense what’s around you
O: Open your hands to help others
A: Act with kindness
R: Respect other people

SOAR has been made into a catchy song, which you can download for free elsewhere on this site. We have created hand puppets, Klara and Zed, with tears on one side of the face and a big smile on the other side. And there is more to come, just watch this space. Cosmo, Klara and Zed have some very interesting adventures and thoughts to share, and would like to hear yours as well, as we get to make the next steps together.

We hope you will join us in developing ideas for its use; share pictures, do a little “take” on the kids singing and/or acting SOAR, write about what happens when you use Klara and Zed (with or without the cards), tell us what makes you confused or curious… This is how CosmoKidz happened; children and adults from different walks of life engaging with us in everything from content to design. A great journey; now to be joined by even more people, from more walks of life. We really hope you will join us!

Whether you are a parent wanting to find ways of constructively talking with your child about difficult issues; a leader of a children’s’ group (pre-school, scouts, different types of after-school groups, Child Protections worker, After School Activities person, Sunday School teacher or caring and connecting with children in other ways), CosmoKidz is created in order to support you, the Caregiver, with activities for increasing children’s ability to grow and flourish holistically.

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