Cosmokidz SOAR Dance

Cosmokidz SOAR Dance


The SOAR song and dance are part of the CosmoKidz activities to increase compassion and awareness in young children. SOAR means, “To fly or glide high in the air. To rise suddenly above the normal level”. SOAR contains the essence of what CosmoKidz is about; Young children learn through conversations and creative communication. It matters what we say and do, and how we say and do it. SOAR reminds children to be aware of this through:

S: Sense what’s around you

O: Open your hands to help others A: Act with kindness

R: Respect other people

Use SOAR as a reminder and variation during school lessons and other times spent with children. Especially when they start losing concentration and need to use some energy. SOAR channel this energy into something positive, as well as work as a reminder about staying present with surroundings, our each other, and ourselves. For more information, go to:

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