Inspiration to SOAR!

Inspiration to SOAR!

Have you listened to the SOAR-song in the CosmoKidz section yet? The song that reminds children (and adults alike!) to “Sense what’s around you, Open your hands to help others, Act with kindness and Respect other people”? If you haven’t, we suggest you do it now. Especially if you need a break or inspiration, or feel the world a bit heavy at the moment. Welcome to join with CosmoKidz doing the SOAR song and dance: 

Feel free to let the kids inspire you and your surroundings whenever you like. It works on the kitchen floor as well as  in the class-room or the playground. And it has a message: SOAR!

Spreading the CosmoKidz research – news:

In Denmark, CosmoKidz and our initial results are being presented in a book about “Developing school cultures”, edited by Gro Emmertsen Lund and Gitte Haslebo (Dansk Psykologisk Forlag). The book offers several practical approaches to the subject, and “CosmoKidz – børns læring som drivkraft for kulturudvikling” talks about how CosmoKidz, as well as working in very promising ways with the children, also inspired the teachers to start working more systematically on how to develop a SOARing school culture. The book can be purchased here:

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