Engaging with other Associates

Engaging with other Associates

Our website is designed to facilitate active engagement within our community of Associates.   As an Associate, we invite you to take advantage of the following tools on the website:

  1. Post Blog:  This allows you to post blog entries related to the thought and practice of CMM,  or simply post links to entries you may have posted in other blogs.   Commenting is enable to also allow you to comment on other entries and have other comment on entries you make;
  2. Add Event:  You are invited to use our website to post information about events you are offering (webinars, workshops, gatherings, etc);
  3. User Profile:  Please use this to add a photo, a brief bio, and contact information so that we all can have  better sense of who our community is;
  4. Contribute Resource:   Please use this to share any resources you would like to make available to others in the community.  Resources can include printed documents as well as audio or video -- including the possibility of simply providing a URL from YouTube,  Vimeo, and others.   

Information posted by Associates will be screened prior to publishing to the website as a way of protecting against spam and inappropriate content.  If you have suggestions for other functions that would be useful to include on this website please feel free to contact us.

Additional Collaboration Tools

  • Phone Conferencing:  If you are wanting to organize a conference call, we recommend using startmeeting.com or freeconferencing.com (these are free services available to anyone and if you need to include Screen-Sharing during your call, for a small free StartMeeting makes this possible).   We also invite you to use the following information for your call (Instructions for this service can be accessed here):
    • Dial-in number:  559.726.1200
    • Access code (Host):  147387 | Access code (Participants): 148392
  • Video Conferencing:  We recommend using Google Hangouts which allows up to 10 individuals to participate with live video.  An additional benefit is that these are automatically recorded and made available on YouTube -- which means they can then be offered on our site through the Blog or Contributed Resource for others to view.  Using Google Hangouts requires participants to have a Google account.
  • Skype:   Of course Skype is also another very good option and familiar to most people.​​

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