Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision, Mission & Goals

The CMM Institute recognizes that the world currently faces challenges not likely to be met successfully within the same patterns of communication in which they were raised. We are particularly interested in learning how to transform those patterns of communication and, by this means, promoting personal and social evolution. Our distinct vision is a world of compassionate individuals and healthy societies that use communication as the generative means of shaping our fundamental institutions and networks of relationships.

In order to advance the compassion, empathy, and credibility required to achieve our vision, the Institute’s mission is to preserve, cultivate, and promote worldwide work based on the theory and practice of CMM, the Coordinated Management of Meaning.

We advance our mission through a combination of core activities, including:

Intellectual Leadership;
Sponsored Activities In Research, Theory-Development, and Education;
The Development and Implementation Of Demonstration Projects;
Worldwide Networking and Information Sharing;
Fresh Insights about CMM’s Capacity to Overcome Contemporary Social Issues.

In all of these efforts, the goal is to shift our taken-for-granted view of communication (as a simple tool for exchanging ideas and information) to a more complex understanding of the creative power of communication. In practical terms, these shifts are facilitated through the use of tools and models inspired by the Coordinated Management of Meaning.

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