A message from the Founders

A message from the Founders

We have a vision for a better world! A world filled with loving relationships, supportive institutions, creative organizations, and mature civic processes. We know that this world is possible if enough of us choose to make it so.

We founded the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution because we know that “we get what we make” and we believe that CMM contributes to making better social worlds. We also realize that the skills for making social worlds are unevenly distributed and that they are often in shortest supply when needed the most. For this reason, our vision is to use CMM and the work of this Institute to promote abilities, skills, and ways of being that enable us all to act compassionately, mindfully, and wisely into the complex world in which we live.

If you share these goals, please join us.

Kim Pearce and Barnett Pearce
August 10, 2011

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