About the Institute

About the Institute

The CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution is a connector and cultivator of all things-CMM. The Institute itself represents a diverse community of individuals and groups who engage with and learn from one another through a variety of online and in-person forums. Individual scholars and practitioners, educators and thought leaders, and institutional advocates comprise the core of the Institute’s supporters, however, the Institute's programs and events are open to everyone.

As the institutional home and on-going keeper of CMM’s living history, the Institute identifies people and projects that represent significant, relevant, and applicable ways to institutionalize better patterns of communication. The public benefit 501(c)3 Institute provides:

  • Training and professional development programs for emerging and established CMM practitioners;
  • Opportunities for collaboration, research, and teaching;
  • Support for the continued development of CMM as a theory;
  • Experimental venues to apply CMM’s principles to society’s toughest challenges; and
  • Advocacy for the continued improvement of personal and public communication in all walks of life.

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