CMM Institute Initiatives

CMM Institute Initiatives

In our attempts to help make better social worlds, the Institute supports a variety of projects and initiatives. 

Some of the support comes in the form of promoting and financially contributing to the work of others (see the Fellows Program). 

We also want to support those of you who are doing research or teaching CMM (see Research).  

For those of you who are interested in taking courses, our partner institution Fitchburg State University offers an on-line advanced graduate degree in CMM (see CAGS program). 

And we want to offer support through products and services that help the general public understand the importance of communication in creating our social worlds and learning skills and abilities to improve those worlds (see CosmoKidz and Cosmopolis 2045).

Should you have questions about any of these initiatives or you want to suggest a new initiative, contact Kim Pearce at

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